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Akademien der Wissenschaften Schweiz  

Swiss Committee on Polar
and High Altitude Research

A Committee of the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences



Prix de Quervain

The "Prix de Quervain" for Polar and High Altitude Research is attributed to young scientists for outstanding achievements in their MA or PhD thesis or other research projects. The "Prix de Quervain" is announced annually for terminated natural or medical research activities related to polar regions and/or high altitude. In 2014, the call is open in the field of natural and medical sciences concerning high altitude or polar regions.

At the occasion of the "Prix de Quervain", a symposium featuring renowned speakers takes place every autumn. The author of the awarded MA or PhD thesis or research project will be given the occasion to present his or her research results during this event to an interdisciplinary public.


The announcement letter featuring the details concerning the participation and the inscription form are available in German and French.



Ausschreibung Prix de Quervain 2014             

Mise au concours Prix de Quervain 2014

Swiss Committee on Polar and High Altitude Research

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